by Dr Charles Welch & Ronald Maag


Walking Softly is a map of sorts. A map of the physical part of the human journey. The physical part of our journey is an opportunity for humans to develop our spiritual path in preparation for our transition to the next stage, the divine stage often referred to as heaven. Here is where we are challenged by the material world to seek a balance between the spiritual and the material. On our individual paths, because of free will, we can decide to develop our spiritual side by becoming conscious individuals that leave few footprints behind or we can embrace the material world. In the great scheme of things there are only choices. The direction we choose shapes our transition to the next part of our journey. In Walking Softly we discover principles of education, psychology and spirituality by exploring the material and the spiritual worlds on earth. These principles were collected over a lifetime as a guide to happiness and success. Making mistakes is a part of being human and it’s a given. What is not a given is how we react to these mistakes. We have been given free will to choose a happy and prosperous life. The principles in Walking Softly are a guide in that pursuit.

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“Watch a child before they have been corrupted by the material world. They go from one moment to another enjoying each moment not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. They are free to think only of whatever activity they are involved with in that moment. They are not weighed down with guilt, worry, or regrets from the previous day, week, month or year. Their focus is narrow and they play and laugh and relish playing and imagining in each moment they live.”
- Walking Softly: A Spiritual Path to Happiness and Success