About The Author's

Growing up, my closest relative in my extended family was my uncle Ron. A part of our mutual interest has been seeking the answers to many of the questions that we all seek in life. Ron and I wanted to learn the truth about everything around us, about finding peace and happiness and the truth about the bliss that lies in what can only be described as the stillness. The stillness is an important part of our lives. The silence in nature and the space between one thought and the next is where the truth lies.

Ron and I spent many years reading as much as we could digest, meeting weekly to discuss the knowledge we had gained through research. Sometimes we were reading the same book, sometimes different books, but we continuously spent hour after hour seeking what we thought felt right, what made sense, what meshed and how we thought different concepts and pieces of knowledge could positively impact our lives. We sought information through text, word of mouth, video, interview and many other forms of gathering what we believed could help explain our lives, love, happiness, emotion, the universe and any aspect of existence that we could. It was through our reading, researching and living that we were able to create a collection of guidelines to help us walk softly through our journey here on earth. That is what Walking Softly is about. Strategies and concepts to help all of us create happy and successful lives.